Ways to Strengthen Your Faith During Difficult Times

Faith is a subject that is frequently talked about in books. Weapons of War by Robert E. Wright is an example of these books that touch on the complex topic of faith. Weapons of War is basically a compilation of letters and stories of hardship, hope, and love in times of war. It tells the experience of the author himself as he tried to keep his faith strong amid the many challenges and difficulties of the Vietnam War where he fought as a member of the United States Army. There are plenty of life lessons that you can learn from reading this book. Particularly, the discussion on how to effectively address faith of Robert E. Wright can teach you so many things about improving and strengthening your faith in God, especially during tough situations. In essence, knowing ways to strengthen your faith during difficult times can help you win against numerous challenges and difficulties that might come your way.

Develop trust and confidence

Trust and confidence are prerequisites of faith. To consider yourself as a faithful follower of God, you first need to develop immense trust and confidence in His plans and promises. You simply cannot strengthen your devotion if you lack the trust and confidence that are necessary to sustain your faith. Especially during difficult times, having trust and confidence in the love and mercy of God is necessary. When you have such trust and confidence, you remain faithful in the belief that no matter where you are and what you are going through, God will never abandon you nor put you in harm’s way. Trust and confidence allow you to focus on the plans and promises that God Himself has prepared and given you.

Be mindful of the present

Being mindful of the present is a good way to strengthen your faith, especially if you are currently dealing with a difficult situation. Being mindful of the present basically entails acknowledging everything that you have and understanding what you are going through at the present moment. It means you are living in the moment instead of being too consumed by the past and the future. Being mindful of the present strengthens your faith primarily because it helps you recognize the blessings that you have in the present times. More so, knowing and understanding your current situation allows you to gain more trust and confidence in the plans that God has prepared for you in the future. By practicing mindfulness of the present moment, you tend to realize that everything that is happening to you right now, whether good or bad, is only part of a bigger journey that leads you toward your ultimate purpose.

Become a prayer warrior

Prayer is the most powerful weapon against trials, and it is an essential aspect of faith. You simply cannot develop strong faith if you do not know how to communicate with God through prayer. Prayer is considered as the primary communication process that allows the followers of God to talk Him. It is through prayer that you can express and share your gratitude, sentiments, and wishes with God. If you want to strengthen your faith, especially during difficult times, then you need to develop a consistent praying habit. Draw yourself near to God and communicate with Him every day. Praise God, confess your sin, and pray not just for yourself but also for others on a daily basis. In other words, turn yourself into a prayer warrior whose main weapon is sincerity in praying.

Take action

Faith is meant to be lived. Practicing it requires action. If you want to have a strong faith in God that can withstand any difficulty or challenge, then you need to be the kind of Christian who does not only ask but also acts. To put it simply, you must be a follower of God who takes action. Get involved in your church, volunteer in your community, extend a helping hand to other people, share your blessings with others, and more. Basically, taking action means living out your faith. It means going beyond believing by actually practicing what you believe in.

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to strengthen your faith during difficult times. Faith is not essentially a motionless possession. It can increase and improve over time, and it can certainly take you to places. Particularly, having a strong faith can move you close to God. It can establish a firm and profound connection between you and Him. When you have this kind of connection, you can overcome any difficulty or challenge that comes your way. Robert E. Wright’s insights and stories in Weapons of War prove just how powerful of a weapon faith can be, especially during times of uncertainty and hopelessness. If there is one important thing that the war stories, stories of longing, and the discussion on how to effectively address faith of Robert E. Wright can teach you, it is that in order to win your battles, you need to strengthen your spiritual well-being as much as your physical well-being.

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