Faith as a Powerful Weapon of War

Faith is an essential part of life. When a person has faith, he or she can get through any obstacle that comes his or her way. Especially during difficult times, faith is something that a person should possess. The power of faith is so enormous that it can even bring victory to someone in war. It is much more powerful than any military weapon. The experiences and stories of Robert E. Wright in his book, Weapons of War, proves just how true this is. Weapons of War is basically an amazing collection of letters written by Robert E. Wright himself while serving as a 20-year-old soldier during the Vietnam War. Here, the author particularly recalls how faith enabled him to overcome his fears and get out of the war physically, emotionally, and spiritually whole. The notion that faith is one of the best military weapons by Robert E. Wright is an affirmation of the enormous power of being faithful. There are several reasons why faith is a powerful weapon of war.

Faith strengthens your spirit

Faith is a powerful weapon of war because it has the ability to strengthen your spirit even during the most difficult times. When you are being faced with a lot of challenges and enemies, it can indeed be easy to harbor anxiety, sadness, and fear. If left neglected, these things can eat you up inside and destroy the fighting spirit that resides within you. To avoid this from happening, you need to learn how to live by faith. Living by faith essentially means putting your entire trust in God and His plan. When you have faith, you believe that everything in your life happens according to the plan of God and that He will never forsake nor leave you behind. To put it simply, faith uplifts your spirit and convinces you to believe in something greater than yourself.

Faith reminds you of what is right and wrong

War is generally an awful occurrence. More often than not, it changes people. The terrible and horrifying experiences of people during war can change the way they think, act, and behave. Sometimes, to an extent, war can even cloud a person’s judgement of what is right and wrong. To prevent this from happening to you, you need to be strong in your faith. Faith is the best weapon against immorality and wickedness. Faith constantly reminds you of what is right and wrong. Especially during difficult times when your mind is being muddled by fear, hatred, and resentment, faith is the most fundamental thing that you need to keep you from faltering in your morality. In other words, when you have faith, you will never forget about your values no matter what.

Faith connects you with other people

The power of faith does not only lie in its ability to correct you and boost your spirit, but also to connect you with other people. In essence, when you have faith, you cannot help but be concerned with what happens to other people. Faith allows you to learn how to empathize and sympathize with the experiences of others. It gives you the ability to look at a situation from different perspectives so that you can understand better where the emotions and actions of other people are coming from. Especially during difficult times such as war, faith is something you need to keep you human. Faith allows you to build connections, and it strengthens and deepens your bond with others.

Overall, faith is indeed a powerful weapon. It is one of the most fundamental things that you need during the most difficult times of your life. During war, particularly, faith is something that can bring you toward victory. With faith, you can overcome all of your anxiety, sadness, and fear. As manifested in Weapons of War by Robert E. Wright, faith is one of the best and strongest military weapons. When you have faith, you will never lose your spirit, falter in your morality, and fail in your connection with others. To put it simply, faith makes you a better fighter. As Douglas Yaw Mensah has said, “When you fight with faith as your weapon, even fate with reverence will bow down.”


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