3 Powerful Ways to Overcome Fear and Doubt

Fear and doubt are natural enemies of the mind. More often than not, they are what stops you from doing the things that you want and need to do. By definition, fear is the unpleasant feeling that arises out of the belief that something or someone is likely to cause harm or pain. Doubt, on the other hand, is the feeling of uncertainty about a certain outcome. Although they differ in definition, fear and doubt are often used together to describe certain negative emotions in negative situations. Both of them usually arise during the most difficult times.

Robert E. Wright, an author and a war veteran, demonstrates what fear and doubt look like in the most stirring and sentimental way in his book Weapons of War. This book contains letters and stories recounting the experiences of the author himself, as he battled against many things while serving the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. The fear and doubt of Robert E. Wright, which are largely talked about in the book, were a matter of life and death. Fortunately, he was able overcome these feelings and stand up against the enemies that were attacking him not just physically, but also psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. In general, Weapons of War is an inspiring work of literature that teaches people that, albeit difficult, fear and doubt can possibly be overcome.

Taking an inspiration from the story of Robert E. Wright, here are some of the most powerful ways to overcome the fear and doubt that you might be feeling at present:

Recognize the fear and doubt and act in spite of them

One of the best ways to overcome fear and doubt is to recognize them within you. Oftentimes, people fail to conquer their fear and doubt simply because they refuse to recognize that they exist in the first place. This is counterproductive, of course. Denial can only make you weak and naïve. It can prevent you from doing the necessary things that you should be doing to achieve success.

To succeed in something that you are afraid or doubtful of, you first need to recognize your fear and doubt, and then have the willingness to act in spite of them. Usually, it is only your ego that creates these fear and doubt in order to make you feel small. Once you realize this and admit the existence of your fear and doubt, you will become much more courageous and prepared in overcoming them.

Be 100% willing to get out of your comfort zone

Willingness always plays a very important role in the achievement of something. When you are 100% willing to achieve a goal, there is also almost a hundred percent chance that you will get it no matter what. The same thing goes when it comes to overcoming your fear and doubt. To achieve in this endeavor, you need to be 100% willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Most of the time, people refuse to confront their fear and doubt because doing so can bring so much discomfort. Indeed, conquering these two things can be a painful process. However, more often than not, it is necessary. Sometimes, you will never really know the extent of your capabilities and the number of good things that awaits you unless you get out of your comfort zone and battle against your negative emotions. To be able to achieve long-term success and happiness, you need to be completely willing to experience short-term discomfort.

Always bring your faith with you

Faith is the most powerful weapon that a warrior can carry in his or her battle against fear and doubt. This is one of the main lessons that you can learn from the story of Robert E. Wright – the importance of faith in overcoming fear and doubt. When you have faith, it means that you believe in something greater than you.

You believe that, regardless of how difficult your current situation is, there is always something or someone that is going to help you get through. This kind of faith is especially important in times when your mind is being clouded by nothing but the negativity of fear and doubt. Faith, in essence, serves as the weapon that neutralizes these two things. So, to overcome whatever negative emotions might be hindering you from achieving something, you always need to bring your faith with you.

Overall, fear and doubt are awful emotions that no one wants to feel. However, they are natural parts of life. It is natural for you to feel afraid and doubtful, especially during difficult situations. Nonetheless, as the story of Robert E. Wright proves, it is certainly possible to overcome fear and doubt. To do this, you mostly only need to trust in your capabilities, be willing to succeed, and have a faith that does not falter. As Kevin W. Pearson once said, “In a household of faith, there is no need to fear and doubt. So, choose to live by faith and not fear.”

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