Things War Can Teach a Soldier

Humans have been waging and battling wars since time immemorial. To some extent, war seems to have become a part of human nature. People have become accustomed to war as a means to fight for freedom, to defend rights, and ironically, to obtain peace. Even though war is vile, it can offer a number of relevant lessons on life to both civilians and soldiers.

Robert E. Wright, an author and a former member of the United States Army, brought with him all the lessons that he learned from war and compiled them in his book, Weapons of War. Robert E. Wright is a veteran of the Vietnam War who served his country relentlessly. While at war, he battled against many things – enemies, loneliness of separation, fear, and doubt. Yet, instead of wallowing in negativity and trauma, the view of Robert E. Wright on the Vietnam War and his experiences of it turned him into a totally enlightened and resilient person. The example of Robert E. Wright just shows that there are indeed plenty of things that war can teach a person, especially a soldier.

War can teach a soldier to view life in more than one perspective

Oftentimes, when people get used to their way of living, they have a tendency to forget or fail to recognize the fact that life is not the same for everyone. For these people, their reality is the only reality that exists in the world. Once a person goes into war, however, his or her perceptions about life tend to change or expand. He or she begins to see the other side of the world where comfort, safety, and basic necessities are considered luxury. He or she begins to realize that there is a great disparity between a peaceful life and a life at war.

This is something that war can ultimately teach a soldier – to view life in more than one perspective. War can teach soldiers to recognize the reality that life is not always a bed of roses. As a result, they learn to appreciate the simple things that they usually take for granted, such as the capacity to eat appetizing meals three times a day or the freedom to walk along the street without fear of being targeted by guns or bombs.

War can teach a soldier to value his or her loved ones more

When soldiers go to war, they are being separated from their families for a long time. Mails or text messages are the only means of communication for them. More often than not, this separation from their loved ones causes intense loneliness. If there is one thing that a soldier can learn from this, it is that they should value their loved ones more. They should appreciate the small moments that they get to share with their loved ones, and value all the meaningful conversations that they have every day. The feeling of loneliness that comes from being away from his or her loved ones can be overwhelming for a soldier, but on the bright side of it, it can also be a way to make him or her more appreciative and loving. As the adage goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

War can teach a soldier about the importance of faith

The loneliness of separation, coupled with uncertainties and the constant fear of death from war, can sometimes take a toll on the psychological and emotional health of a soldier. When a soldier is in a warzone surrounded by guns and bombs, the feelings of fear and hopelessness can be inevitable. To survive a war physically, emotionally, and spiritually whole, one needs to have faith. This is one of the most important things that a soldier can learn from war – the importance of faith as a weapon for survival.

When a soldier has faith, he or she has the power to overcome any physical, psychological, and emotional challenge that may come his or her way. War teaches soldiers to believe in themselves and more importantly, in the love, mercy, and power of the Almighty One who would never forsake them. Their experiences in war allow soldiers to possess strength, wisdom, and insight beyond their expectations. Indeed, no person who goes to war comes back the same. They usually return wiser, stronger, and more faithful.

Overall, while most people agree that war is vile, there are also many people who believe that it brings important lessons to humanity. For one, they believe that at the end of every war, there always awaits something better – a life that is free, abundant, and peaceful. For soldiers like Robert E. Wright, particularly, war gives them something more than battle scars. It gives them wisdom, resilience, and character. For these heroes, war is a life-changing experience that can turn even a cold-hearted combatant into an open-minded, loving, and faithful person.

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