3 Essential Things Every Fighting Soldier Must Have

A soldier is not just a person in uniform. A soldier is someone willing to risk his or her life to protect his or her country, defend the rights of its people, and obtain peace for it. To put it simply, a soldier is someone willing to fight until death. Because the job comes with a great responsibility, there are certain things that a person must have to emerge as a true, victorious soldier. These things are the essential weapons of war – service, love, and faith.

Dedication to Service

Being a soldier is not a walk in the park. Almost every day, soldiers who are in a warzone are surrounded by guns, bombs, and tanks that can kill or blow them apart anytime. For this reason, extreme dedication to service is something that every fighting soldier must have. The atrocities of war can easily frighten anyone. If a soldier becomes frightened enough, the option to quit and go home can become too tempting. This is not the characteristic of a true soldier, however.

True soldiers know how to stand strong in their oath to protect their country. They are dedicated to the service that they have sworn to. They are willing to put their lives at risk because they believe that they are fighting for something bigger than themselves. Without such dedication to service, no soldier would probably be able to achieve victory for their cause.


Being at war can be a terrible experience. Along with having uncertainties and the constant fear of death, soldiers often suffer from intense loneliness due to being separated from their families. For a fighting soldier, these things can become too overwhelming. If there is one thing that can keep a soldier from giving up, however, it would most certainly be love.

Love is such a powerful emotion that it can overpower all the negativities of war and ease the burden of a fighting soldier. It can inspire a soldier to continue fighting despite all of the challenges and hardships that he or she may face. This ‘love’ does not only pertain to the love for a family or for a partner, but also for the country and for the people who are fighting alongside a soldier. While at war, soldiers can also form love for one another through brotherhood. This brotherhood can breed selflessness, and it can serve as the main force that bonds soldiers together and makes them more protective of one another.


Faith is one of the most essential things that a fighting soldier must have. This ‘faith’ that all soldiers must possess can be categorized into three: faith in their companions, faith in their cause, and faith in the Almighty One who guides them.

Faith in companions refers to the enormous trust that a soldier gives to his or her fellow soldiers in the battlefield. This kind of faith can somewhat ease the emotional burden that a fighting soldier is carrying because he or she is made to feel that he or she is not alone in the battle. There are other soldiers who can help him or her and whom he or she can run to when things get too difficult.

Faith in their cause, on the other hand, is what makes all soldiers determined and eager to achieve victory in the war. When soldiers have some faith in the cause that they are fighting for, they believe that the war that they are fighting is not futile, but rather something whose victory can benefit many people other than themselves.

Lastly, faith in the Almighty One refers to the unswerving trust that a soldier has in God. As stated, being at war can be a terrible experience. War does not only test the physical vigor of a person, but also his or her psychological, emotional, and spiritual strength. To be able to survive a war, soldiers need to believe in themselves and more importantly, in the power of God who would never leave them alone. A soldier who has a faith in God is a soldier who is not easily frightened by the weapons of the enemy because he or she believes that God is always there to guide and protect him or her.

In summary, being a soldier is arguably one of the most difficult yet noblest jobs in the world. Being at war is a horrible experience. If one is not prepared enough, he or she can easily be eaten up by the atrocities of it. For this reason, it is, without a doubt, essential for every fighting soldier to possess these weapons of war – service, love, and faith. These three things are what make a soldier a true warrior.

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