Why There Should be Love in Times of War

Love is an important aspect of life. It is the foremost emotion that rules the world. Without love, connections and relationships may lose their essence. Love comes in different types and forms. There is familial love, friendly love, romantic love, godly love, and more. Regardless of its type or form, love is a natural feeling whose importance in the world is unquestionable. It is what keeps the world spinning, especially in times of great distress.

In times of war, particularly, love is a necessary thing to harbor. This necessity is evident in Robert Wright’s book titled Weapons of War, which is all about love and war. This book is a compilation of letters that recount the experiences and stories of Robert Wright himself, as he served the United States Army during the Vietnam. If there is one thing that people can learn from reading Weapons of War – Love and War, it is that love, combined with service and faith, can go a long way in ensuring the survival of a battling solider. To talk more about its importance, below are the best reasons why there should be love in times of war.

Love can inspire a soldier

War can distort the way someone views the world. When people are put in an environment of chaos and constant violence, they tend to develop feelings of negativity, as if the world is slowly turning gray. They start to believe that the world is no longer a myriad of colors. To put it simply, war is capable of destroying a person’s perception about life, and it can even diminish his or her hope to live.

Nonetheless, there exists a strong emotion that can overpower the negativities brought by a war – love. Love can serve as the driving force of a soldier. It can inspire him or her to continue fighting despite fears and uncertainties. Generally, love gives people a reason not to give up because there is always something to look forward to in life.

Love can ease a soldier’s emotional burden

Soldiers often carry heavy emotional burdens, especially when they are in a war. The feeling of being away from their families, while being uncertain about their survival can be too overwhelming for the battling soldiers. Because war is a matter of life and death, soldiers are often placed in a state of distress. Indeed, the emotional stress that they commonly have is unparalleled.

However, if there is one thing that can ease a soldier’s emotional burden while in a war, it would most certainly be love. The power of love is enormous. It can lift the heaviest weights and turn negative emotions into positive ones. Especially for a soldier who is a fighting an unpredictable battle, love is a necessary thing to carry. Love can unload the emotional burdens that a soldier carries, and replace them with hope and faith.

Love can keep a soldier human

War can show the cruel and monstrous side of humans. In its very essence, the concept of war tends to fuel nothing but greed, hatred, and resentment. It can blind people and prevent them from choosing and doing what is right for the sake of a fleeting victory. Indeed, war has the tendency to breed monsters and savages. It can keep a person from being human.

Despite this, however, soldiers and other combatants always the choice on whether or not they will succumb to the cruelties of a war. For such choice to be right and moral, it has to be fueled by love. Love is powerful enough to keep soldiers human. When a soldier harbors love, he or she is able to empathize. Love constantly reminds people of the value of human life, regardless of whether the human is an ally or an enemy.

Indeed, love is what keeps the world spinning in times of great distress, and it is what keeps a soldier fighting in times of war. Without love, life would be dull and miserable. People would just keep on fighting one another without any real reason or purpose for doing so. Robert Wright’s Weapons of War – Love and War shows just how powerful of a weapon love can be. It can inspire, empower, and keep a soldier grounded in times when fear, hopelessness, and resentment are very easy to harbor. For all of these reasons, there is no doubt that love is indeed a necessity in times of war.

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